Omnia Technologies is a company operating in Europe, whose staff has a deep knowledge of every area of the static mixer field, in particular in thermoplastic polymer processing.

The founder of the comapny, Mr. Alberto Bernardini, worked for more than twenty years in leading extrusion lines companies and later worked for Koch-Glitsch, a leader company in the field of primary static mixer. Currently the company is managed by his daughter Carlotta

Omnia Technologies main fields are:

- Extrusion;
- Injection molding;
- Blow molding plastics;
- Polyurethane - silicone - glues - adhesives;
- Industrial;
- Wastewater treatment;
- Food Processing

Our technical staff comes from both plastics and chemical/petrolchemical industry, and therefore it has a thorough knowledge of the static mixing related to various processes.

From this experience, and represented companies cooperation, Omnia is able to calculate, verify, size, and offer solutions and engineering of various models of static mixer for all industries.
Since 2003 Omnia Technologies is the qualified supplier of the largest manufacturers for extrusion lines for Europe and Asia.



Mobile (+39) 3474140849 - (+39) 3924463141
Telephone (+39) 0516270824
Technical request: info@omniatechnologies.net
Administration: carlotta.bernardini@omniatechnologies.net


Omnia Technologies LTD - Via L. Bettini, 8 Granarolo dell'Emilia - Bologne - ITALY - VAT n. 04322380371
Mobile (+39) 3924463141 / (+39) 3474140849 - Telephone (+39) 0516270824